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Professor Adrien Couet
University of Wisconsin
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alloys, Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Irradiation, Synchrotron
"In situ microstructural evolution in face-centered and body-centered cubic complex concentrated solid-solution alloys under heavy ion irradiation" Michael Moorehead, Calvin Parkin, Mohamed Elbakhshwan, Jing Hu, Wei-Ying Chen, Meimei Li, Lingfeng He, Kumar Sridharan, Adrien Couet, Acta Materialia Vol. 198 2020 85-99 Link
This study characterizes the microstructural evolution of single-phase complex concentrated solid- solution alloy (CSA) compositions under heavy ion irradiation with the goal of evaluating mecha- nisms for CSA radiation tolerance in advanced fission systems. Three such alloys, Cr 18 Fe 27 Mn 27 Ni 28 , Cr 15 Fe 35 Mn 15 Ni 35 , and equimolar NbTaTiV, along with reference materials (pure Ni and E90 for the Cr- FeMnNi family and pure V for NbTaTiV) were irradiated at 50 K and 773 K with 1 MeV Kr ++ ions to vari- ous levels of displacements per atom (dpa) using in-situ transmission electron microscopy. Cryogenic irra- diation resulted in small defect clusters and faulted dislocation loops as large as 12 nm in face-centered cubic (FCC) CSAs. With thermal diffusion suppressed at cryogenic temperatures, defect densities were lower in all CSAs than in their less compositionally complex reference materials indicating that point defect production is reduced during the displacement cascade stage. High temperature irradiation of the two FCC CSA resulted in the formation of interstitial dislocation loops which by 2 dpa grew to an average size of 27 nm in Cr 18 Fe 27 Mn 27 Ni 28 and 10 nm in Cr 15 Fe 35 Mn 15 Ni 35 . This difference in loop growth kinet- ics was attributed to the difference in Mn-content due to its effect on the nucleation rate by increasing vacancy mobility or reducing the stacking-fault energy.#171118
"Irradiation-Induced Nb redistribution of ZrNb alloy: an APT study" Zefeng Yu, Adrien Couet, Mukesh Bachhav, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 516 2019 Link
We have investigated proton irradiation induced Nb redistribution in Zr-xNb alloy (x = 0.4, 0.5, 1.0) by using scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and atom probe tomography (APT). We have found by STEM that 2MeV proton irradiation at 350°C induces precipitation of Nb-rich needle-like particles in the Zr matrix. Initially without irradiation effect, the Zr matrix only contains βNb and Laves phase native precipitates. After irradiation, in addition to the needle-like particles, we have also found by APT that Fe- and Nb-rich nanoclusters (less than 20 nm diamter) are present in the Zr matrix for Zr-0.5Nb, 1000°C annealed Zr-0.5Nb and Zr-1.0Nb. Despite different irradiation dose level, the total Nb content in the entire APT tip for all the samples ranges from 0.24 – 0.40 at. %, which is below the maximum solubility limit of 0.6 at. % Nb in Zr solid solution. After cluster removal from the Zr matrix of the irradiated samples, Nb concentration in the Zr solid solution is shown to significantly decrease with irradiation dose, which is suspected to be responsible for the improved corrosion resistance of ZrNb alloy in the reactor environment at high burnup.
"Investigation of High-Entropy Alloys Compositions for Radiation Damage Applications" Calvin Parkin, Michael Moorehead, Zefeng Yu, Kumar Sridharan, Adrien Couet, ANS Annual Meeting 2018 June 18-22, (2018)
"Ion irradiation for nuclear materials research at University of Wisconsin-Madison" Li He, Gabriel Meric, Kim Kriewaldt, Kumar Sridharan, Adrien Couet, Todd Allen, The 51st Symposium of the North Eastern Accelerator Personnel September 23-27, (2018)
"Microstructural Characterization of High-entropy Alloy Ion Irradiated at Cryogenic Temperatures" Michael Moorehead, Calvin Parkin, Lingfeng He, Jing Hu, Meimei Li, Adrien Couet, Kumar Sridharan, TMS 2019 March 10-14, (2019)
"Study of gamma irradiation effect on the corrosion of zirconium alloy with scanning precession electron diffraction" Li He, Adrien Couet, Samuel Armson, Michael Preuss, Kurt Terrani, Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society Meeting 2019 May 22-22, (2019)
"The Effect of Photon Irradiation on the Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys" Adrien Couet, Yalong He, Kurt Terrani, Samuel Armson, Michael Preuss, Taeho Kim, Mohamed Elbakhshwan, Li He, The 19th International Symposium on Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry May 20-23, (2019)
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