CINR Funding Opportunity Announcement

Each year, the NSUF seeks proposals that will utilize NSUF irradiation, post irradiation examination, and beamline capabilities through the Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research (CINR) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). NSUF Technical Leads can be found on the Contacts page. Through the NSUF CINR workscopes, NSUF provides no cost access to world class capabilities to facilitate the advancement of nuclear science and technology. In addition to access to state of the art facilities, the NSUF provides technical assistance including the design and analysis of reactor experiments.

How to Submit a Proposal

Application information is available in Part IV in the CINR FOA

Additional Resources

  • FY2023 CINR Webinar Presentations
  • Acknowledging the NSUF
    • NSUF projects: This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy under DOE Idaho Operations Office Contract DE-AC07- 05ID14517 as part of Nuclear Science User Facilities award #_______.
    • HPC work: This research made use of Idaho National Laboratory computing resources which are supported by the Office of Nuclear Energy of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Science User Facilities under Contract No. DE-AC07-05ID14517.

Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP)

NSUF intends to release a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) later in 2024.  This plan will include recommendations and requirements for collection, management, storage, and sharing of data produced from NSUF-supported research projects.  This will include a period of exclusivity for data created as a result of NSUF-funded work.  Prior to the release of the NSUF DMSP, the NSUF policy is to hold project data as "exclusive" to the PI and their team for a period of 12 months following the completion of the physical work of the project.  This point may be different for individual projects.  Contact the NSUF program office or your assigned technical lead for specifics appropriate to your project.

Important Dates

All deadlines are at 5 p.m. ET

Letter of IntentJuly 12, 2023
R&D/NSUF Pre-ApplicationsJuly 26, 2023
NSUF Preliminary Statement of WorkAugust 31, 2023
NSUF Final Statement of WorkDecember 6, 2023
Full R&D/NSUF and IRP Applications
December 20, 2023

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