Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library Request for Samples

NSUF's Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library is continually adding to its collection of publicly-available irradiated and unirradiated conventional and advanced steels, experimental alloys, ceramics and fuels. Other than samples being added from NSUF irradiation projects, NFML also accepts third-party donations.



What are the requirements to donate to NFML?

To qualify as an NFML sample, it must be available for use as part of all NSUF proposal call initiatives without restriction and all data generated is nonproprietary. The individual or entity donating the samples must relinquish all legal ownership of the materials and transfer ownership to DOE, with the NSUF as custodian. Whether the samples have to be physically moved to INL or one of the NSUF’s partner facilities can be determined at the time of donation. Additionally, donations must meet the following criteria: (1) the materials being donated have demonstrated relevance to the nuclear energy research community, (2) the materials are relatively distinctive or in high demand, and (3) there is strong supporting pedigree information in the form of available data, reports or peer reviewed journal information.

Whenever possible, unirradiated archive material should be supplied with donated irradiated materials. Ultimately, it is NSUF staff’s responsibility to make recommendations to the NSUF director on what new samples should be entered in the sample library.

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