Statement Regarding COVID-19

Statement Regarding COVID-19

Users should work directly with facilities conducting work to determine impacts to projects

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NSUF project leads postdoc to INL

NSUF project leads postdoc to INL

Bawane credits much of his career success to NSUF

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NSUF’s High Performance Computing Powers Innovation

NSUF’s High Performance Computing Powers Innovation

HPC opens new possibilities for researchers

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DOE-NE Awards 19 RTE Projects

DOE-NE Awards 19 RTE Projects

New projects total approximately $690K

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NSUF Research Helps Support Student Researchers

NSUF Research Helps Support Student Researchers

Leading and assisting on NSUF projects, students can get hands on experience

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Resources for researchers

No other user facility in the United States offers the wide variety of reactors, hot cells, beamlines and analysis instrumentation that are available through the NSUF.


A wide variety of beamline facilities are available, including ion, neutron, positron, and x-ray.

Gamma Irradiation

The NSUF offers researchers access to best-in-class gamma irradiation facilities.


The NSUF offers ten reactor facilities to users whose proposals are awarded access.

Post-Irradiation Examination

Users can be awarded access to a broad range of PIE facilities.

Computing Resources

Providing researchers with advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to support a wide range of activities in harsh environments.

Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Database

Search nuclear energy R&D infrastructure at national labs, universities and industry.

Nuclear Fuels & Materials Library

Proposals may be submitted for these samples, which were irradiated in ATR and EBR II.


Search the database of NSUF publications and presentations since its inception.


Awarded Experiments


Journal Publications




Partner Facilities

This is the Work We Do

NSUF research supports Department of Energy-Office of Nuclear Energy missions. Most of the research looks at either understanding the mechanisms of radiation on materials and fuels to address the challenges of the current fleet of reactors or looks at materials and fuels for the next generation.

NSUF partner facilities

The NSUF and its partner facilities create a nationwide infrastructure that greatly expands the types of research available. This model utilizes a distributed partnership with each facility bringing exceptional capabilities to the relationship, including: reactors, beamlines, instruments, hot cells, and most importantly, expert mentors.