Partner Capabilities

The behavior of fuels and materials in a nuclear reactor irradiation environment is extremely complex and provides a rich field for scientific investigation. NSUF offers access to world-class capabilities to help researchers understand the complex behaviors of these fuels and materials. These include the Advanced Test Reactor and post-irradiation examination capabilities of Idaho National Laboratory and also capabilities at 12 associated partner facilities.





Contact person
ATR User Guide INL PIE User Guide   Idaho National Laboratory  Jeff Benson
(208) 526-3841
  Website    Center for Advanced Energy Studies MaCS Joanna Taylor
(208) 533-8178
    User Guide Illinois Institute of Technology

Jeff Terry
(630) 252-9708

User Guide     Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lin-wen Hu
User Guide  User Guide User Guide  North Carolina State University
Ayman Hawari
(919) 515-4598
User Guide User Guide  

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Kurt Terrani
(865) 576-0264
  User Guide    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Dave Senor
(509) 371-6936
  User Guide   Purdue University Ahmed Hassanein
(765) 494-5742
  User Guide    University of California, Berkeley Peter Hosemann
(510) 717-5752
  User Guide User Guide University of Michigan Gary Was
(734) 763-4675
   User Guide   University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Radiochemistry Laboratories 
Thomas Hartman
(702) 895-1934
   User Guide User Guide University of Wisconsin - Tandem Accelerator Ion Beam /Characterization Laboratory 

Kumar Sridharan
(608) 263-4789

Kim Kriewaldt
(608) 262-5194

  User Guide   Westinghouse Paula Freyer
(412) 256-1771