Users Organization


The purpose of the NSUF Users Organization is to:

  1. Provide a formal and clear channel for the exchange of information and advice between the investigators who perform reactor-based nuclear technology experiments and the NSUF management.
  2. Serve as an advocacy group for the experimental activities at the NSUF.
  3. Provide a communication channel among users of the NSUF.
  4. Educate the public and decision-makers on the benefits of the use of nuclear energy for energy generation.

Membership in the organization is open to all users and potential users of the various NSUF facilities and scientists and engineers engaged in the operation and development of these facilities. Potential members can join by self-nomination.

The Users Organization has up to seven members consisting of the chair, a secretary, chair ex-officio, student member and up to three regular members.


User Meetings

Periodically, the NSUF Users Organization holds an annual meeting to bring together users to discuss updates, priorities, and collaborations. The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the ANS Student Conference on April 4-5, 2019 on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA

To make sure you register for the NSUF Users Meeting, in the registration page, make sure you select that you are an NSUF Attendee when prompted. 

To register for this event, please visit the ANS Student Conference page and use one of the codes to bring the professional price to $255.

  • NSUF-SC19 (valid until 3/7 for non-member professionals)
  • NSUF-SC19-100 (valid from 3/8-4/6 for member professionals)
  • NSUF-SC19-200 (valid 3/8-4/6 for non-member professionals)


Current Executive Committee Members


Peter Hosemann
University of California, Berkeley

Secretary/Chair Electvacant
Immediate Past Chair

Yong Yang
University of Florida

Committee Member

Matthew Swenson
University of Idaho

Committee Member

Jessika Rojas
Virginia Commonwealth University

Committee Member

Keith Leonard
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Student Membervacant