Users Organization

About the NSUF Users Organization

The NSUF Users Organization aims to:

  • Provide a formal and clear channel for the exchange of information and advice between the investigators who perform reactor-based nuclear technology experiments and the NSUF management.
  • Serve as an advocacy group for the experimental activities at the NSUF.
  • Provide a communication channel among users of the NSUF.
  • Educate the public and decision-makers on the benefits of the use of nuclear energy for energy generation.

Membership in the organization is open to all users and potential users of the various NSUF facilities and scientists and engineers engaged in the operation and development of these facilities. Potential members can join by self-nomination.

Questions? Contact the executive committee at [email protected].

How to join:

1. Go to your NSUF profile 

2. Click the edit icon in the Profile Information box

3. Check the Users Group box and click "save"                                                   

2024 Executive Committee


Maria Okuniewski
Purdue University
[email protected]

Vice Chair

Stephen Taller
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[email protected]


Ramprashad Prabhakaran
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
[email protected]

Student Representative

Malachi Nelson
Idaho National Laboratory
[email protected]



Mukesh Bachlav
Idaho National Laboratory
[email protected]

David Frazer
General Atomics
[email protected]

Simerjeet Gill
Brookhaven National Laboratory
[email protected]

Peter Hosemann
University of California, Berkeley
[email protected]

Xiaoyuan Lou
Purdue University
[email protected]

Keyou Mao
University of Florida
[email protected]


Past Chair:

   Gabriel Meric

   Kairos Power
   Manager, Characterization

   [email protected]

   *Term expired December 2023.