Nuclear Fuels & Materials Library

The NSUF Fuels and Materials Library includes sample materials that were previously irradiated in test reactors (EBR-II and ATR). An overview of the library is contained in the NSUF Fuels and Materials Library report. There are a variety of materials, sample types and doses, including a limited availability of control samples. The NSUF is working to gain access to a larger number of samples (irradiated and control). The currently available samples are listed in the Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library.

These materials can be accessed by users through the NSUF proposal process — either the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy CINR or the NSUF Rapid Turnaround Experiment program. See the Call for Proposals page for more information.

If you are interested in accessing the library for your research, please review the Sample Library Policy (located on page 5) for the rules controlling use of these materials. Submission of a proposal using these materials requires acceptance of the library policy.

Because sample availability is limited and access is challenging, users may contact Kelly Cunningham prior to writing a proposal using materials from the library.* 

Additionally, since the original researchers have intellectual capital invested in the samples in the library, users who intend to propose new research using these samples should contact the original PI prior to submitting a proposal. The PI's contact information is located on the project page.* 

*Please copy the NSUF ( on any email correspondence.