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NSUF awards 30 Rapid Turnaround Experiment proposals

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - Calls and Awards

The U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) has awarded 30 proposals to support the advancement of nuclear science and technology by providing access to world class capabilities at no cost to the researcher. This is the first award for FY 2022.

30 new Rapid Turnaround Experiment (RTE) projects, totaling approximately $1.53M, have been awarded. These awards went to 20 principal investigators from universities and ten from national laboratories.

The NSUF competitively selected these projects from a pool of quality RTE proposals submitted during the solicitation period. Proposals were evaluated based on a variety of factors including technical approach, mission relevance, and scientific-technical merit.

Full Name


Adrien Couet

University of Wisconsin

Casey McKinney

University of Florida

Biswajit Ray

University of Alabama

Caitlin Taylor

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Caleb Clement

Purdue University

Charlyne Smith

Idaho National Laboratory

Dan Floyd

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Djamel Kaoumi

North Carolina State University

Emmanuelle Marquis

University of Michigan

Fidelma Di Lemma

Idaho National Laboratory

Haiming Wen

Missouri Science and Technology

Indrajit Charit

University of Idaho

Katherine Montoya

University of Texas-San Antonio

Lingfeng He

Idaho National Laboratory

Luca Capriotti

Idaho National Laboratory

Marat Khafizov

The Ohio State University

Maria Okuniewski

Purdue University

Matthew Hiser

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Matthew Swenson

University of Idaho

Milos Burger

University of Michigan

Ming Tang

Clemson University

Patrick Purtscher

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Peng Wang

University of Michigan

Pengcheng Zhu

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Somayeh Pasebani

Oregon State University

Theresa Green

University of Michigan

Timothy Lach

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Trishelle Copeland-Johnson

Idaho National Laboratory

Yi Xie

Purdue University

Yinbin Miao

Argonne National Laboratory


NSUF recipients do not receive direct financial awards. Access to state of the art experimental irradiation testing, post irradiation examination, INL high performance computing, and technical assistance for the design and execution of projects is provided at no cost to the recipients.

Prospective researchers are encouraged to request samples from the NSUF Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library. The NSUF will give special consideration to Principal Investigators from Minority Serving Institutions.

The NSUF, managed by Idaho National Laboratory, provides unparalleled opportunities for nuclear energy researchers. Through the RTE solicitation, researchers can access capabilities such as irradiation, post irradiation examination, beamline, and high performance computing equipment. RTEs are also accompanied with the expertise necessary to advance the understanding of irradiation effects in nuclear fuels and materials in support of DOE-NE’s mission.

Find current and past awards here. Visit NSUF at https://nsuf.inl.gov