Yongqiang Wang

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Yongqiang Wang
Materials Science and Technology Division
"Enhanced radiation tolerance in immiscible Cu/Fe multilayers with coherent and incoherent layer interfaces" Youxing Chen, Engang Fu, Kaiyuan Yu, Miao Song, Yue Liu, Yongqiang Wang, Haiyan Wang, Xinghang Zhang, Journal of Materials Research Vol. 30 2015 1300 Link
"Exploring radiation induced segregation mechanisms at grain boundaries in equiatomic CoCrFeNiMn high entropy alloy under heavy ion irradiation" Christopher Barr, James Nathaniel II, Yongqiang Wang, Mitra Taheri, Scripta Materialia Vol. 156 2018 80-84 Link
"In situ study of defect migration kinetics in nanoporous Ag with enhanced radiation tolerance" Cheng Sun, Youxing Chen, Yongqiang Wang, Meimei Li, Haiyan Wang, Xinghang Zhang, Scientific Report Vol. 4 2014 Link
"Nanohardness measurements of heavy ion irradiated coarse- and nanocrystalline-grained tungsten at room and high temperature" Osman El Atwani, Jordan Weaver, JESUS ALFREDO ESQUIVEL, Yongqiang Wang, Stuart Maloy, Nathan Mara, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 509 2018 276-284 Link
"Impact of Capacitive Discharge Resistance Welding on the Radiation Tolerance of 14YWT Cladding" Calvin Lear, Hyosim Kim, Matt Schneider, Todd Steckley, Yongqiang Wang, Thomas Lienert, Stuart Maloy, Ben Eftink, Structural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS-6) September 12-15, (2022)