Kaiyuan Yu

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Kaiyuan Yu
China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
"Damage tolerant nanotwinned metals with nanovoids under radiation environments" Youxing Chen, Kaiyuan Yu, Lin Shao, Haiyan Wang, Mark KirK, Jian Wang, Xinghang Zhang, Nature Communications Vol. 6 2015 Link
"Enhanced radiation tolerance in immiscible Cu/Fe multilayers with coherent and incoherent layer interfaces" Youxing Chen, Engang Fu, Kaiyuan Yu, Miao Song, Yue Liu, Yongqiang Wang, Haiyan Wang, Xinghang Zhang, Journal of Materials Research Vol. 30 2015 1300 Link
"In situ Evidence of Defect Cluster Absorption by Grain Boundaries in Kr Ion Irradiated Nanocrystalline Ni" Kaiyuan Yu, Youxing Chen, Marquis Kirk, Haiyan Wang, Meimei Li, Xinghang Zhang, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A Vol. 44 2013 1966 Link
Significant microstructural damage, in the form of defect clusters, typically occurs in metals subjected to heavy ion irradiation. High angle grain boundaries (GBs) have long been postulated as sinks for defect clusters, like dislocation loops. Here, we provide direct evidence, via in situ Kr ion irradiation within a transmission electron microscope, that high angle GBs in nanocrystalline (NC) Ni, with an average grain size of ~55 nm, can effectively absorb irradiation-induced dislocation loops and segments. These high angle GBs significantly reduce the density and size of irradiation-induced defect clusters in NC Ni compared to their bulk counterparts, and thus NC Ni achieves significant enhancement of irradiation tolerance.
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"In situ Observation of Defect Annihilation in Kr Ion-Irradiated Bulk Fe/Amorphous-Fe2 Zr Nanocomposite Alloy" Kaiyuan Yu, Zhe Fan, Youxing Chen, Miao Song, Yue Liu, Haiyan Wang, Mark Kirk, Meimei Li, Xinghang Zhang, Materials Research Letters Vol. 3 2014 35 Link
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