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The NSUF: Pairing the best minds with the needed capability

The Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) offers unparalleled research opportunities for nuclear energy researchers. Users are provided access (at no cost to the researcher) to world-class nuclear research facilities, technical expertise from experienced scientists and engineers, and assistance with experiment design, assembly, safety analysis and examination.

How to gain access to NSUF facilities

Access is awarded through a competitive peer-reviewed process. NSUF offers research proposal options through an online submittal system that helps prospective researchers develop, edit, review and submit their proposals. NSUF staff is available to help any researcher who desires to submit a proposal. Proposals can be submitted and viewed through MY NSUF on the black navigation bar to the left of this window.

Submitted proposals should be consistent with the DOE-NE mission and its programmatic interests. These include the Light Water Reactor Sustainability, Fuel Cycle Research and Development, Advanced Modeling and Simulation and Advanced Reactor Technology programs.

All proposals are subject to a peer-review process before selection. An accredited U.S. university or college, a national laboratory, or U.S. incorporated industry may lead research proposals for irradiation/ post-irradiation experiments. All NSUF research must be non-proprietary and results are expected to be published. Collaborations with other national laboratories, federal agencies, non-U.S. universities and industries are encouraged. 

For more information, contact Jeff Benson (208) 526-3841 or jeff.benson@inl.gov

NSUF Projects

NSUF research supports Department of Energy-Office of Nuclear Energy missions. Most of the research looks at either understanding the mechanisms of radiation on materials and fuels to address the challenges of the aging current fleet of reactors or looks at materials and fuels for the next generation.

Information on NSUF projects can be found HERE

NSUF Publications

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The NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group

The Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) hosted the first NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group meeting in May 2017. The NSUF establishes partnership with facilities that have unique capabilities to link intellectual capital with nuclear research infrastructure to fulfill the mission of DOE-NE. For more information, please see the NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group page

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