Amey Khanolkar

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Dr. Amey Khanolkar
Idaho National Laboratory
Applied Physicist

Amey is an Applied Physicist in the Materials Science and Manufacturing Department at INL. He received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA in 2013, and a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA in 2018. Amey joined the INL as a Russell L. Heath Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in 2019. Prior to joining INL, Amey was a postdoctoral researcher within the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of California San Diego. As an undergraduate student, Amey was a research intern at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. His research interests broadly include developing laser ultrasonic techniques to assess defects in material microstructure, and tailoring stress waves with novel phononic structures and metamaterials. His doctoral thesis investigated ultrasonic wave tailoring phenomena in micro-scale granular materials using a variety of laser ultrasonic techniques. At INL, Amey is currently studying thermal transport and elastic wave propagation in ion-irradiated oxide and metallic materials under the Center for Thermal Energy Transport under Irradiation.

Elastic Properties, In-pile Sensors, Ion-Irradiation, Microstructure, Nuclear Materials, Oxide Fuels, Thermal Conductivity
"Influence of Irradiation-induced Microstructural Defects on the Thermal Conductivity of Single Crystal Thorium Dioxide" Marat Khafizov, Amey Khanolkar, Zilong Hua, Cody Dennett, wangthink Wang, Tiankai Yao, Lingfeng He, Jian Gan, David Hurley, TMS 2020 February 23-27, (2020)