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Nicholas Eriksson
University of Central Florida
"Phase decomposition of ?-U (bcc) in U-10 wt% Mo fuel alloy during hot isostatic pressing of monolithic fuel plat" Nicholas Eriksson, Dennis Keiser, Ryan Newell, Young Joo Park, Yongho Sohn, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 480 2016 271-280 Link
Eutectoid decomposition of γ-phase (cI2) into α-phase (oC4) and γ′-phase (tI6) during the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of the U-10 wt% Mo (U10Mo) alloy was investigated using monolithic fuel plate samples consisting of U10Mo fuel alloy, Zr diffusion barrier and AA6061 cladding. The decomposition of the γ-phase was observed because the HIP process is carried out near the eutectoid temperature, 555 °C. Initially, a cellular structure, consisting of γ′-phase surrounded by α-phase, developed from the destabilization of the γ-phase. The cellular structure further developed into an alternating lamellar structure of α- and γ′-phases. Using scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, qualitative and quantitative microstructural analyses were carried out to identify the phase constituents, and elucidate the microstructural development based on time-temperature-transformation diagram of the U10Mo alloy. The destabilization of γ -phase into α- and γ′-phases would be minimized when HIP process was carried out with rapid ramping/cooling rate and dwell temperature higher than 560 °C.
"Interdiffusion, Reactions and Phase Transformations Observed during Fabrication of Low Enriched Metallic Fuel System for Research and Test Reactors" Nicholas Eriksson, Dennis Keiser, Ryan Newell, Young Joo Park, Yongho Sohn, 10th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials (DIMAT-2017) May 7-12, (2017)