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Jonathan Tatman
Electric Power Research Institute
Technical Leader
"Microstructure analysis of laser beam weldments performed on neutron-irradiated 304L steel containing 3 and 8 appm helium" Maxim Gussev, Weicheng Zhong, Frank Garner, Paula Freyer, Jonathan Tatman, Jesse Werden, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 563 2022 Link
"Microstructure and microchemistry of laser welds of irradiated austenitic steels" Keyou Mao, Aaron French, Xiang Liu, Lucille Giannuzzi, Cheng Sun, Megha Dubey, Paula Freyer, Jonathan Tatman, Frank Garner, Lin Shao, Janelle Wharry, Materials and Design Vol. 206 2021 Link
"Hot Cell Pulsed Laser Welding of Neutron Irradiated Type 304 Stainless Steel With a Maximum Damage Dose of 28 DPA" Paula Freyer, Jonathan Tatman, Frank Garner, Benjamin Sutton, Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference July 14-19, (2019) Link
"Microstructure evolution of laser weld repairs of 304SS at high dose ion irradiation" Keyou Mao, Paula Freyer, Jonathan Tatman, Frank Gift, Frank Garner, Janelle Wharry, Poster - FONTEVRAUD 9 September 17-20, (2018)
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U.S. DOE Nuclear Science User Facilities Awards 30 Rapid Turnaround Experiment Research Proposals - Awards total nearly $1.2 million The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) has selected 30 new Rapid Turnaround Experiment (RTE) projects, totaling up to approximately $1.2 million. These projects will continue to advance the understanding of irradiation effects in nuclear fuels and materials in support of the mission of the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Calls and Awards