Weicheng Zhong

"Microstructure analysis of laser beam weldments performed on neutron-irradiated 304L steel containing 3 and 8 appm helium" Maxim Gussev, Weicheng Zhong, Frank Garner, Paula Freyer, Jonathan Tatman, Jesse Werden, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 563 2022 Link
"Neutron irradiation induced defects and clustering in NF616 and T91" Weicheng Zhong, Tarik Saleh, Lizhen Tan, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 552 2021 Link
"Radiation response of Grade 92 ferritic-martensitic steel irradiated up to 14.63 dpa at ~700°C" Weicheng Zhong, Lizhen Tan, TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition February 23-27, (2020) Link
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