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Yulia Trenikhina
Illinois Institute of Technology
"Study of Irradiated Mod. 9Cr-1Mo Steel by Synchrotron XAS" Hasitha Ganegoda, Daniel Olive, Jeff Terry, Yulia Trenikhina, Meimei Li, Stuart Maloy, Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Vol. 102 2010 855 Link
"Study of irradiated mod.9Cr–1Mo steel by synchrotron extended X-ray absorption fine structure" Hasitha Ganegoda, Meimei Li, Stuart Maloy, Jeff Terry, Yulia Trenikhina, Daniel Olive, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 441 2013 674-680 Link
Synchrotron extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy measurements were performed to study the dose dependence of and alloying effects on irradiation-induced changes in the local atomic environments in a mod.9Cr–1Mo ferritic-martensitic steel. The measurements were carried out at room temperature on non-irradiated and irradiated specimens exposed to 1, 4, and 10 displacement per atom (dpa) at 40–70 °C. The EXAFS data for Fe, Cr, Mo, and Nb K-edges were recorded, and the local structure close to the X-ray absorbing atom was determined. Irradiation caused significant reductions in peak amplitude in the Fe, Mo and Nb K-edge Fourier transformed EXAFS. The data showed a systematic decrease in coordination number of neighbor atoms with increasing irradiation dose, and the dose dependence of the coordination loss was dependent on the specific element. The measured damage around Fe sites can be correlated with the dpa value, while the loss of near neighbors around Mo saturated at ~1 dpa. The coordination in the Fe matrix was reduced less by irradiation than either the coordination of Mo in solution or Nb in carbides. It was demonstrated that EXAFS can provide a detailed, atomic level description of radiation damage in complex alloy systems