Emmanuelle Marquis

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Professor Emmanuelle Marquis
University of Michigan
University of Michigan
Alloys, Atom Probe Tomography, Microstructure, Nanoscale Characterization, Oxidation, Radiation Damage, TEM
"Aging Behavior of Alloy 625 Plus, LJ Yu, I Ghamarian, G Burke, EA Marquis" Emmanuelle Marquis, Annual TMS meeting March 10-14, (2019)
"Behavior of Fe-Cr Alloys under Ion or neutron Irradiation" Mukesh Bachhav, Emmanuelle Marquis, TMS 2014 February 16-20, (2014)
"Dose rate effects on the precipitation behavior of Fe-Cr and Ni alloys, E Reese, LJ Yu, T Yamamoto, GR Odette, EA Marquis" Emmanuelle Marquis, 6th FMTCP workshop June 24-26, (2019)
"Effect of isothermal and irradiation-induced long range ordering in Ni-Cr based commercial alloys" Julie Tucker, Emmanuelle Marquis, NuMat October 15-18, (2018)
"Effect of Thermal And Irradiation-induced Long Range Ordering in Ni-Cr Model Alloys" Fei Teng, David Sprouster, Peter Hosemann, Li-Jen Yu, Emmanuelle Marquis, Julie Tucker, NuMat October 14-18, (2018)
"From Imaging to Quantitative Atom Probe Tomography of Irradiated Microstructures, EA Marquis, E Anderson, GR Odette, LY Yu" Emmanuelle Marquis, Annual TMS Meeting, , March 2018 March 11-15, (2018)
"Influence of Irradiation Conditions on Precipitation Behavior in Fe-Cr and Ni Alloys" Emmanuelle Marquis, E Reese, LJ Yu, Nathan Almirall, Takuya Yamamoto, G. Robert Odette, Grace Burke, Annual TMS meeting March 10-14, (2019)
"Irradiation-accelerated phase transformations for low-temperature phase diagram development" Julie Tucker, Fei Teng, Emmanuelle Marquis, David Sprouster, MRS November 25-30, (2018)
"Irradiation-induced Precipitation in Ni-based Superalloys, L-J Yu; G Burke; EA Marquis" Emmanuelle Marquis, Annual TMS meeting March 10-14, (2019)
"Role of aging and irradiation on ordering phase transformations in Ni-Cr alloys" Julie Tucker, Fei Teng, Emmanuelle Marquis, MRS Spring Meeting April 16-20, (2018)
"Swelling and Radiation-Induced Segregation/Depletion in Annealed 304SS Irradiated at PWR-Relevant Dose Rates: Yan Dong; Bulent Sencer; Frank Garner; Emmanuelle Marquis" Emmanuelle Marquis, Annual TMS meeting March 15-19, (2015)
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