Cheryl Xu

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Dr. Cheryl Xu
North Carolina State University
Florida State University
"Microstructural evolution of NF709 (20Cr–25Ni–1.5 MoNbTiN) under neutron irradiation" Bong Goo Kim, Lizhen Tan, Yong Yang, Cheryl Xu, Xuan Zhang, Meimei Li, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 470 2016 229-235 Link
Because of its superior creep and corrosion resistance as compared with general austenitic stainless steels, NF709 has emerged as a candidate structural material for advanced nuclear reactors. To obtain fundamental information about the radiation resistance of this material, this study examined the microstructural evolution of NF709 subjected to neutron irradiation to 3 displacements per atom at 500 °C. Transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and high-energy x-ray diffraction were employed to characterize radiation-induced segregation, Frank loops, voids, as well as the formation and reduction of precipitates. Radiation hardening of ∼76% was estimated by nanoindentation, approximately consistent with the calculation according to the dispersed barrier-hardening model, suggesting Frank loops as the primary hardening source.