Jie Ding

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Mr. Jie Ding
Purdue University
Research Assistant
Microscopy, Nanostructured Materials
"Size dependent strengthening in high strength nanotwinned Al/Ti multilayers" Yifan Zhang, Sichuang Xue, Qiang Li, Jin Li, Jie Ding, Tongjun Niu, Ruizhe Su, Acta Materialia Vol. 175 2019 466 Link
Mechanical behavior of metallic multilayers has been intensively investigated. Here we report on the study of magnetron-sputtered highly textured Al/Ti multilayer films with various individual layer thicknesses (h = 1–90 nm). The hardness of Al/Ti multilayers increases monotonically with decreasing layer thickness without softening and exceeds 7 GPa, making it one of the strongest light-weight multilayer systems reported to date. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction pole figure analyses confirm the formation of high-density nanotwins and 9R phases in Al layers. The density of nanotwins and stacking faults scales inversely with individual layer thickness. In addition, there is an HCP-to-FCC phase transformation of Ti when h ≤ 4.5 nm. The high strength of Al/Ti multilayers primarily originates from incoherent layer interfaces, high-density twin boundaries, as well as stacking faults.