Kathy Lu

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Prof. Kathy Lu
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Virginia Tech
"In-situ TEM study of microstructural evolution in NFA and Cr3C2@SiC-NFA composite during ion irradiation" Kathy Lu, Xianming Bai, Wei-Ying Chen, Meimei Li, Kaustubh Bawane, Materialia Vol. 7 2019 12 Link
In this work, the ion irradiation responses of a Fe-based nanostructured ferritic alloy or ‘NFA’ (Fe–9Cr–2W–0.2V–0.4Ti–0.3Y2O3) and a Cr3C2@SiC-NFA composite were assessed. In-situ ion irradiation with TEM observation was carried out by using 1 MeV Kr++ ions at doses of 0, 1, 3, 5, 10 dpa and temperatures of 300 °C and 450 °C. Both the NFA and Cr3C2@SiC-NFA samples showed significant dislocation density after 10 dpa at 300 °C. However, the Cr3C2@SiC-NFA composite showed a significantly lower dislocation loop density and a smaller average loop size during the irradiation at 450 °C as opposed to the NFA. At 300 °C, 1/2<111> type dislocation loops were observed in both the NFA and Cr3C2@SiC-NFA samples. Interestingly, at 450 °C, <100> type loops were dominant in the NFA sample while 1/2<111> type loops were still dominant in the Cr3C2@SiC-NFA sample. The results were discussed based on the large surface sink effects and enhanced interstitial-vacancy recombination at higher temperatures. The additional Si element in the Cr3C2@SiC-NFA sample might have played a significant role in determining the dominant loop types.