Andres Morell-Pacheco

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Mr. Andres Morell-Pacheco
Texas A&M University
PhD candidate

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University, entering my 3rd year of study. I received my bachelor's of science degree in nuclear engineering from Texas A&M University in 2017. Working under Dr. Lin Shao, I am specializing in ion irradiaiton applications for characterizing radiation damage behavior in generation IV reactor strucutral and cladding materials.

Specifically, I am focused on investigating the effect of prolonged radiation damage on the performance and corrosion degredation of molten salt-compatible structural alloys. My interests include post-irradiaiton examination using FIB/TEM techniques to investigate void swelling, phase morphology, and elemental segregation, as well as general corrosion thermodynamics and engineering practices. 

Corrosion Prevention, Radiation Damage
"Microstructural changes of proton irradiated Hastelloy-N and in situ micropillar compression testing of one single grain at different local damage levels" Miguel Pena, Andres Morell-Pacheco, Ching-Heng Shiau, Boopathy Kombaiah, Lingfeng He, Laura Hawkins, Adam Gabriel, Frank Garner, Lin Shao, JNM Vol. 2022 Link
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