Arthur Motta

"Characterization of faulted dislocation loops and cavities in ion irradiated alloy 800H" Christopher Ulmer, Arthur Motta, Journal of Nuclear Materials Vol. 498 2018 458-467 Link
"Characterization of microstructure and property evolution in advanced cladding and duct: Materials exposed to high dose and elevated temperature" Todd Allen, Zhijie Jiao, Djamel Kaoumi, Janelle Wharry, cem topbasi, Aaron Kohnert, Leland Barnard, Alicia Certain, Kevin Field, Gary Was, Dane Morgan, Arthur Motta, Brian Wirth, Yong Yang, Journal of Materials Research Vol. 30 2015 1246-1274 Link
Designing materials for performance in high-radiation fields can be accelerated through a carefully chosen combination of advanced multiscale modeling paired with appropriate experimental validation. The studies reported in this work, the combined efforts of six universities working together as the Consortium on Cladding and Structural Materials, use that approach to focus on improving the scientific basis for the response of ferritic–martensitic steels to irradiation. A combination of modern modeling techniques with controlled experimentation has specifically focused on improving the understanding of radiation-induced segregation, precipitate formation and growth under radiation, the stability of oxide nanoclusters, and the development of dislocation networks under radiation. Experimental studies use both model and commercial alloys, irradiated with both ion beams and neutrons. Transmission electron microscopy and atom probe are combined with both first-principles and rate theory approaches to advance the understanding of ferritic–martensitic steels.
"Microbeam X-ray Absorption Near-edge Spectroscopy of Alloying Elements in the Oxide Layers of Irradiated Zircaloy-2" Aditya Shivprasad, Arthur Motta, Aylin Kucuk, Suresh Yagnik, Zhonghou Cai,, Vol. 2018 Link
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