Interaction of Materials with Particles and Components Testing ( IMPACT)

Purdue University, Indiana

Institution Name
Purdue University
Interaction of Materials with Particles and Components Testing ( IMPACT)
Potter Engineering Building
Primary Facility Type
Ion Irradiations
Secondary Facility Type
Tertiary Facility Type
No Tertiary Facility Type Defined
Core Functions
IMPACT (The Interaction of Materials with Particles and Components Testing experimental facility) and PRIME (Particle Radiation Interaction with Matter Experiments) facilities have been designed to study in-situ dynamic heterogeneous surfaces at the nano-scale exposed to varied environments that modify surface and interface properties. These facilities are used to investigate to investigate radiation-induced modification of materials and surfaces with applications to fusion science, nanotechnology and detector development.The philosophy behind experiments in IMPACT/PRIME relies heavily on its ability to provide a wide array of characterization techniques and conditions that properly simulate complex environments. The IMPACT/PRIME experiment achieves this by atomic-scale characterization of the evolution of elemental, chemical, and thermodynamic states of ultra-thin film surface and interfaces using complementary surface-sensitive characterization techniques.
Unique Functions
Major components of IMPACT facility *Ultrahigh vacuum chambers *Inert gas ion sources *Metal ion source *E-beam evaporator *Dual anode X-ray source (Specs GmbH, Model XR50) *EUV source (13.5 nm, Phoenix Model sem20) *Electron gun *Faraday cups *Hemispherical Electrostatic Analyzers (Specs, Omicron) *Quartz crystal microbalances *Residual gas analyzers *EUV Photodiodes *Effusion cell *Innova SPM
Hotwork Facilities
No Hotwork Facilities Defined
Support Equipment
IMPACT is part of the Center for Materials Under Extreme Environments (CMUXE). UHV chambers, CCD cameras, Photodiodes, Atomic Force Microscope. PRIME shares accelerators with IMPACT.
Radiological Limit
<5mr/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
beta/gamma only
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Ahmed Hassanein
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May 2, 2016