SNL Ion Beam Laboratory (IBL)

Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico

Institution Name
Sandia National Laboratories
SNL Ion Beam Laboratory (IBL)
Primary Facility Type
Ion Irradiations
Secondary Facility Type
No Secondary Facility Type Defined
Tertiary Facility Type
No Tertiary Facility Type Defined
Core Functions
quantitative analysis of light elements (H through F), and heavy elements (C through Pu).
Unique Functions
Enhanced nuclear microprobe-based Single Event Upset (SEU) imaging system to supply submicron images of charge generation and collection in CMOS ICs.
Hotwork Facilities
No Hotwork Facilities Defined
Support Equipment
No Support Equipment Defined
Radiological Limit
<100mr/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
No Materials Allowed Defined
Sample Encapsulation
No Sample Encapsulation Defined
No Atmosphere Defined
Commissioning Date
No Commissioning Date Defined
Recent Upgrade
No Recent Upgrade Defined
RAM License
Department of Energy
License End Date
Docket Number
User Facility
GAIN Partner
NSUF Partner
NE Use Percentage
No NE Use Percentage Defined
Utilization Hours
No Utilization Hours Defined
Number Of Users
No Number Of Users Defined
Number Of Staff
No Number Of Staff Defined
Point Of Contact
Dr. Michael Starr
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Date Of Data
No Date Of Data Defined