Accelerator Laboratory (AL)

Texas A&M University, Texas

Institution Name
Texas A&M University
Accelerator Laboratory (AL)
3133 TAMU
Primary Facility Type
Ion Irradiations
Secondary Facility Type
No Secondary Facility Type Defined
Tertiary Facility Type
No Tertiary Facility Type Defined
Core Functions
Ion irradiation of materials. For simulating neutron damage, the lab is routinely performing 24/7 continuous ion irradiation to achieve ultra-high dpa values. For self-ion irradiation, such as Fe ion irradiation into steels, Ni into Inconel, and Zr into Zircaloy, we can achieve damage levels up to 1000 peak dpa and beyond.
Unique Functions
The ion irradiation temperatures typically range from 300 °C to 600 °C, although the stages are able to reach any temperature from liquid nitrogen temperatures to 800 °C, with temperature fluctuation less than 5 °C. All temperature controls are realized by thermal couple reading on the surface of the heat stage, and are automatically adjusted by changing powers to the heating elements. The 1.7 MV and 3.0 MV target chambers are equipped with IR cameras for in situ temperature monitoring. Major ion irradiation chambers (1.7 MV and 3.0 MV) can reach a high vacuum of 2-4 x 10-8 Torr during ion irradiation to minimize surface contamination.
Hotwork Facilities
Radiation level allowed for single sample is <0.1 mCi. • Beta/gamma emitters and depleted uranium only o For a set of samples having level exceeding the limit, they will be stored in another place and ion irradiation will be performed one by one to meet the level requirement. o For single sample having radiation level exceeding the limit, a project-oriented special inquiry is needed to submit to University Radiation Safety Committee for approval at least three months prior to the experiments. • Liquids are not allowed. Solids and powders are allowed under the condition that they will not decompose under high vacuum.
Support Equipment
No Support Equipment Defined
Radiological Limit
<100mr/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
beta/gamma only
Sample Encapsulation
No Sample Encapsulation Defined
No Atmosphere Defined
Commissioning Date
No Commissioning Date Defined
Recent Upgrade
No Recent Upgrade Defined
RAM License
License End Date
No License End Date Defined
Docket Number
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User Facility
GAIN Partner
NSUF Partner
NE Use Percentage
No NE Use Percentage Defined
Utilization Hours
730 hr/year for 1.7 Accelerator. 3660 hr/year for 3 MV Accelerator.
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Number Of Staff
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Point Of Contact
Lin Shao
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Date Of Data
March 23, 2016
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Accelerator Lab Flyer 2a.pdf