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NSUF FY 2020 Annual Report

Thursday, May 20, 2021 - Newsletter
The Annual Report is now available. 

The FY 2020 Annual Report is now available. With 2020 being such an unusual year, as well as a significant reduction to funding, NSUF still awarded 56 Rapid Turnaround Experiments and eight Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research projects.

Some highlights for the FY-20 Annual Report include:

  • NSUF accomplishments beyond its access awards e.g., Capability updates like the Sawtooth supercomputer and access to the Michigan Ion Beam Lab (MIBL) transmission electron microscope
  • NSUF By the Numbers, highlighting the 64 total access awards given, made possible even with a significant reduction in funding for FY-20
  • The growing capabilities of the NSUF’s Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library Tools designed specifically with users in mind, such as the Reactor Activation and Damage (RAD) Calculator and the Nuclear Experiment Wizard
  • Technical reports and short communications on completed NSUF Projects

View the report to find out more.