Partner Facilities Working Group

The NSUF convenes first Partner Facilities Working Group Meeting

The Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) hosted the first NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group meeting May 24-25, 2017, at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) in Idaho Falls, ID. The NSUF establishes partnerships with facilities that have unique research capabilities to link intellectual capital with nuclear research infrastructure to fulfill the mission of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE). The working group meeting aimed to provide a formal venue to identify and to capture programmatic input from the NSUF Partner Facilities.

“The NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group meeting provided the partner facilities with an avenue to self-organize in order to increase their involvement in programmatic decisions,” said NSUF Director Rory Kennedy, PhD. “This initial working group meeting established a valuable baseline for evaluating shared interests and concerns among the participating institutions.”

Representatives of nine universities, six national laboratories, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), and the Westinghouse Materials Center of Excellence participated in the meeting. Representatives from DOE-NE and DOE-Idaho Field Office also attended the meeting and greeted participants. The NSUF is based at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), DOE’s lead laboratory for nuclear energy research and development.

The NSUF is the DOE-NE’s only designated nuclear energy user facility. Through a peer-reviewed proposal process, the NSUF provides external research teams with access to reactor, post-irradiation examination and beamline capabilities at INL and 14 affiliated partner institutions at universities, national laboratories and industry facilities located across the country. Each partner facility brings exceptional research capabilities to the NSUF, including reactors, beamlines, advanced instruments, hot cells, and – equally important – expertise.

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NSUF Partner Facilities Working Group Meeting Documents -- May 2017


Working Group Overview and Status - Rory Kennedy

Topic of Discussion: MOUs / Template (Sample) MOU

Topic of Discussion: User Agreements / INL - Vanderbilt University User Agreement (2016)

Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Database (NEID) and Nuclear Fuels & Materials Library (NFML) - Brenden Heidrich

NEID Overview - Jon Kirkham

NFML Overview - Kelly Cunningham

Partner Facility Presentations:

Idaho National Laboratory - Mitch Meyer

INL's Advanced Test Reactor - Dave Schoonen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Gordon Kohse

Center for Advanced Energy Studies - Joanna Taylor

North Carolina State University - Ayman Hawari

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Thomas Hartmann

University of Michigan - Ovidiu Toader and Gary Was

Illinois Institute of Technology - Jeff Terry

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Chris Petrie

Purdue University - Jitendra Tripathi and Ahmed Hassanein

University of California, Berkeley - Peter Hosemann

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Li He and Todd Allen

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - David Senor

Westinghouse Electric Company - Frank Gift

Argonne National Laboratory - Meimei Li

Sandia National Laboratory - Khalid Hattar

Brookhaven National Laboratory - Lynne Ecker

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Tarik Saleh

The Ohio State University - Raymond Cao

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre - Sven Van den Berghe