Calls for Proposals

Calls for Proposals

Submittal Instructions

Proposals can be submitted and viewed through MY NSUF on the NSUF home page.  Follow the instructions below to submit a proposal.  MY NSUF Quick Guide provides further instruction and RTE guidelines for proposals.

Create Proposal for Open Call, click the + icon at the right hand corner.  Complete the information requested in each of the sections.  All sections must be completed before a successful upload can occur. Click the Save button often to ensure your information is not lost.  

You can edit your proposal UNTIL you click Submit for Review. Once you submit your proposal for review, you will no longer be able to make changes to your documents. 

When you have completed the information required in each section, click the Submit for Review button. Remember, once you submit your proposal it cannot be accessed except by the NSUF program administrator. If you discover you’ve made a mistake or uploaded the the wrong files, please contact Jeff Benson ( (208) 526-3841 and he can open the system to give you access to your files.

NOTE: You can save rapid turnaround proposals as you work and return to them at any time. If you have started a proposal but note yet submitted it, you will find it in My Proposals. You can click the Edit icon on the right hand side and continue working on the proposal. If the left column has a view (eye) icon then the proposal has been submitted for review and you can view, but not change it.