Irradiated Fuels Examination Laboratory ( IFEL)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Irradiated Fuels Examination Laboratory ( IFEL)
Post Irradiation Examination
Secondary Type
No Secondary Type Defined
Tertiary Type
No Tertiary Type Defined
Core Functions
Conduct PIE of advanced fuels and materials, Examinations and head-end separations process, Fuels Examination and testing
Unique Functions
Examine full-size LWR fuel, high-temperature fission product release testing, mm size fuel particle failure screening, Fuel Pin/Segment (2ft) full NDE, Full Length Rods full NDE + Large Scale Sizing), can accept NAC-LWT and T-2 casks into cells.
Hotwork Facilities
high activity + alpha/gamma, Specimen Prep Lab (SPL) with its associated laboratory hood and glove boxes.
Support Equipment
The cells are lined with SS, A scanning electron microscope (SEM)/microprobe sample preparation cell is available to prepare small amounts of irradiated fuel or alpha-contaminated or irradiated materials for SEM/microprobe examination. Each window has manipulators + 3-ton crane. Core Conduction Cool-down Test Facility to test radioactive samples under controlled thermal conditions while monitoring the samples to determine the release rate of volatile radioactive materials. Decon cell on 2nd Floor
Radiological Limit
>1R/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
Sample Encapsulation
No Sample Encapsulation Defined
air, no temp/humidity controls
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Recent Upgrade
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Department of Energy
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Point Of Contact
Kory Linton
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Date Of Data
March 28, 2019
User Guide
Irradiated Fuels Examination Laboratory-2015.pdf