Nuclear Fuels and Materials Characterization Facility (NFMC)

University of Florida, Florida

University of Florida
Nuclear Fuels and Materials Characterization Facility (NFMC)
Nuclear Sciences
Post Irradiation Examination
Secondary Type
Mechanical Testing
Tertiary Type
Sample Preparation
Core Functions
Providing microstructural characterization and mechanical properties evaluation of materials related research (with emphasis on nuclear). The facility is brand new; purchase of FIB, TEM, and mechanical testing equipment has been complete; instruments are being installed; facility will be in use on 3/29/2017.
Unique Functions
The laboratory is dedicated to supporting radiological work and UFTR. All instruments can be used for radioactive materials and fuels. FIB is equipped with EDAX EBSD/EDS detectors and an in-situ mechanical testing unit (Hysitron PI 87xR SEM PicoIndenter with 800C heating option) that is approved for radiological use. TEM is equipped with EDS and a variety of holders (single tilt, double tilt, tomography). The large mechanical scale equipment can be configured for a wide array of tests, including durability, fatigue crack growth, high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, tension, compression, and more. The controlled atmosphere furnace can test materials up to 1600C. If desired, additional shielding will be added for testing specimens with a relatively high radioactivity.
Hotwork Facilities
All instruments in the facility can be used for radiological work. The facility is dedicated to radiological work.
Support Equipment
A variety of specimen preparation equipment is available for radioactive specimens. Sample preparation can be conducted in gloveboxes or radiological hoods using instruments such as: low speed saws, grinder-polishers, dimple grinders, coating systems, and electro-polishing equipment.
Radiological Limit
<1R/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
Sample Encapsulation
Solid specimens are preferred. Powders allowed if encapsulated.
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Number Of Staff
This capability is supported by staff of UF Research Service Centers, who currently have 14 dedicated staff members and UF health physics specialists.
Point Of Contact
Yong Yang
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Date Of Data
April 24, 2017