Laboratory for High and Medium Activity (LHMA)

Belgian Center for Nuclear Research (SCK/CEN), International

Belgian Center for Nuclear Research (SCK/CEN)
Laboratory for High and Medium Activity (LHMA)
Hot Cells
Secondary Type
Post Irradiation Examination
Tertiary Type
Fuel Fabrication
Core Functions
Sample preparation and material management: Storage cell, sample conditioning (eg. welding), waste treatment, Multiple materiallography sample prep lines (cutting-embedding-polishing) Sample miniaturisation techniques and dedicated infrastructure. Non-destructive fuel analyses: Length, diameter, EC oxide thickness, EC integrity, gamma spectrometry (FGR, power, BU), volume and fission gas analyses by puncture. BONAPARTE for fuel plates (thickness and oxides) + gamma spec. Mechanical and corrosion testing for structural materials: Dynamic and static testing (tensile, impact, bending, …) in different environments (temperature, air or LWR water chemistry or LLBE autoclaves), Reconstitution and miniaturisation Microstructure analyses: LOM(µH), FEG-SEM(EDX), EPMA(WDX), XPS, XRD, TEM, [FIB] Capability to reconstruct broken samples to maximize efficiency of irradiation testing costs.
Unique Functions
Power reactor fuel Fuel fabrication: Oxide fuel laboratory (U-Th[-Pu]): Sectioning and refabrication of irradiated fuel pins Fuel irradiation testing: Pressurised water capsule for steady state/transient test, Dedicated rigs with instrumentation Fuel characterisation: Full scale Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing in hot cell, Radiochemistry laboratory Test reactor fuel and 99Mo targets: Fuel/target fabrication: Arc furnaces + glove boxes, Powder coating device, Pre-irradiation characterisation Fuel/target irradiation testing: Test baskets (‘FUTURE’) for plate irradiation and mixed elements, Instrumented test loops for full element irradiations, Advanced neutronic modelling Fuel/target characterisation: Inter-cycle inspections, Non-destructive + destructive PIE
Hotwork Facilities
No Hotwork Facilities Defined
Support Equipment
adjacent and connected to BR-2 reactor.
Radiological Limit
<1R/hr @ 30cm
Materials Allowed
Sample Encapsulation
No Sample Encapsulation Defined
No Atmosphere Defined
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RAM License
other (international)
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Point Of Contact
Steven Van Dyck
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Date Of Data
May 5, 2016